waterhouse_decor_flowrs_squareWATERHOUSE has a revolving collection of antiques and vintage decor from America, England and Europe accompanied by fine art from accomplished local artists. Located in the heart of the Hingham Square shopping district, Waterhouse is a curated collection of items and art found by owner Amber Waterhouse. With a sensibility for history and tradition, antiques are made current and relevant for the contemporary home. Handed down or acquired, antiques have a sense of continuum and meaning that makes one’s home unique to its owner. Best developed and collected over time, art work and antiques bring vitality and connection to the home and represent a personal statement and connection. Waterhouse is a collection for your unique home and personal style.

Amber_waterhouseWATERHOUSE was opened in Spring 2014 by local artist Amber Waterhouse. Amber began collecting antiques at an early age and has logged many hours at Brimfield and antique shops all over New England. After studying art history in college, she chose a career in specialty retail as a merchandiser which lasted almost twenty years. Amber returned to her painting practice over ten years ago and has been selling and showing her work on Boston’s South Shore ever since. Amber is a South Shore native and lives in Hingham with her husband and two daughters. For more information about Amber’s art, please visit her website.